Cooking Games

Our cooking games cater to anyone who is looking to serve up the perfect meal. It doesn’t matter what you want to cook. If If it can be boiled, fried, baked or steamed then you’ll find the recipe you are looking for here. ┬áPlease select a cooking game below to get started on the perfect dish.

Online cooking games are a great way to learn new recipes without making a mess of the kitchen. The lack of dishes to clean up means you can focus on learning the recipe and not worry about the washing up. The games in our collection feature both recipe cooking games and restaurant games. Depending on which one you choose, the gameplay will be pretty different so they might not all be suited to your taste.

In the recipe cooking games, you will be given all the ingredients and instructions you need to make your favourite dishes from scratch. All you need to do is cook them! These games will take you through which ingredients are needed, the process for getting those ingredients ready and then give you all the instructions and steps you’ll need to turn those ingredients into a delicious meal. The focus is on learning recipes and how to execute them. Hopefully, when you are finished playing you’ll have some great new recipes to try in real life.

The restaurant games are faster paced and less detailed on the cooking process when compared to the recipe based games. In restaurant games you are in charge of running a restaurant and keeping the customers happy. This means making sure that all of your customers get what they ordered and don’t have to sit around waiting too long. If the customer has to wait for ages they’ll get frustrated and leave. They’ll also get annoyed if you get their order wrong, so the key to winning these games is being quick and accurate. Restaurant games usually feature a timer and get faster and more frantic as you progress through the levels.

When you are finished playing our free cooking games you’ll no doubt be on your way to becoming an amazing chef. All of our games are suitable for girls and boys to play. Whether it is baked, fried, boiled or steamed we have the cooking game for you. We have games for cooking all different types of cuisines and we continue to add new recipes to our menu regularly, so be sure to stop in regularly.