Dating Games

Put your flirting skills to the test in our collection of dating games. We have dating games where you play as men and women. Our date games are separated into 3 categories for:  Guys | Girls | Other

Dating Games For Guys

Are you enough of a stud to seduce the hottest girl in town? Show off your dating skills and prove how smooth you are with women in our dating games for guys. Choose a dating sim below to start pursuing the beautiful girl (or girls) you desire.

Dating Games For Girls

Looking to find your true love? Prince Charming might be hiding in one of our dating games for girls. Choose a dating game below to begin romancing the man of your dreams.

Other Dating Games

In these dating games the main character can be either a girl or a guy. You may get to choose a gender when the game starts or the gender isn’t important within the game. Some of these games will be a little different from your regular dating sim.


In dating games you put your charisma to the test as you wine and dine your sim dates and win their hearts.  To do this you must build your attributes, such as Intelligence, Charm and Athleticism, find a job to earn money and grow your relationship with the different girls and guys in town.

Ask them questions to get to know them and make sure you remember the answers. They will appreciate that when you are on your dates. Once you have gotten to know your dates it’s time to pick the one you like the most. Just make sure they like you enough first so you don’t get rejected.

One you have built up enough of a relationship, you can date and buy gifts to build your relationship even further. There are many different places to go on dates so take them all around town.

Can you meet your perfect match and get the date before you run out of time? Or will you be you doomed to let your one true love slip through your fingers and end up all alone?

You’ll be a stud or seductress in no time once you are finished practicing with these sim games.  Entice the uniquely different boys and girls, or play one of our other fun games.

Dating Sims provides the best free dating games on the net so remember to check back regularly as we continue to add move free games to our collection.