Horse Games

Our horse games are perfect for anyone who loves horses, ponies or horse racing. Whether you want to become a jockey and race to cup glory or groom your pretty pony before taking her on a ride, we have the horse game for you. Our three categories of games are pony, horse racing and horse jumping.

Pony Games

Our collection of pony games give you the perfect opportunity to feed, groom and care for your pretty pony. Choose a game below to start bonding with your favourite pet.

Horse Racing Games

Horse racing games give you the chance to become a jockey and win glory and fame. Time your run right and you could be the first across the finish line.

Horse Jumping Games

Horse jumping games are all about timing. Time your jumps to avoid the obstacles as you race to the finish. Select a game below to show off how well you can control your horse.

Our horse games feature all things related to horses and horse riding. If you prefer to take care of horses then our pony games are for you.These games focus on grooming, feeding and bonding with your favourite pet, as well as taking her out for a ride.  Horses are intelligent animals and the best owners share a strong bond with them. These games are all about building that bond.

Our horse racing games give you full control of a race horse as you compete to be the quickest across the finish line. Horse Racing is one of the oldest sports in the world, filled with riches and prestige and this is your chance to get amongst it all. Control your speed and time your sprints to perfection and you could become a famous horse riding champion.

If show jumping and steeplechasing is more your thing then our horse jumping games are what you are after.  These games might feature all the speed of horse racing games, but with the additional of obstacles to avoid and hurdles to overcome.  These games are based on speed and how well you are able to time and execute your jumps. If you think you have what it takes, these games will be the ultimate challenge for you.

Spread throughout our three different categories are some horse riding games that take you back in time to the medieval days. In these games you become a brave knight as he races through the fields fighting dragons and knights of ill repute. These games feature fighting and avoiding danger as well as horse riding and are more action packed than our other horse games.

With a collection this large, we have both horse games for girls and boys so no matter what type of adventure you want to take with our four legged friends, our virtual horse games have you covered.