Kissing Games

In kissing games, you need to pash your partner for as long as you can without anyone else noticing. Choose from one of our kiss games below to start playing and put your timing and reflexes to the ultimate test.

In kissing games you have already found your sweetheart.  All you want to do now is kiss them.  Unfortunately for you, there seems to be a lot of people around who are intent on ruining the moment and stopping you.

The aim of a kissing game is to plant a passionate kiss on your lovers lips while the snooping eyes are distracted and the peeping Tom’s have their heads turned.  Sometimes it will even be up to you to create the distraction and create the opportunity to steal a kiss.

You’ll need to get your timing right and break the kiss before anyone sees you. The longer you can keep the kiss going, the better your score will be or the quicker you will proceed the the next, harder, level. It all depends on the type of kissing game that you are playing.

If the kissing game has levels you’ll need to fill up the kiss meter to get to the next level. Each level will then get harder and harder. If it is a kiss game where you get a score, then there will also be a time limit. In order to win these types of kiss games you must kiss as much as possible before time runs. The longer you spend kissing, the higher your score will be.

The people watching might turn around at any time, so you’ll need to have quick reflexes and impeccable timing. If anyone catches you kissing there will be consequences. Different kissing games work differently, but you’ll either lose a life it or it will be game over. Be quick, sneaky and seize on the moment to win. If you are clever and can predict the right time you’ll have no trouble winning while you show off your kissing skills.

Above you’ll find kissing games for girls and kissing games for boys, but both are suitable for either gender.  It usually won’t make a difference to the game itself, so feel free to play either of them, no matter what your gender is.

Our free kissing games will keep you entertained for hours, but don’t forget to check out our other collections of games.