Kissing Games

Don’t let anyone catch you kissing your partner in our kissing games. Show off your timing, kissing skills and reflexes by being sneaky and kissing when no one is watching. Click a picture below to start playing one of our kiss games.

In kissing games you have already found your sweetheart. All you want to do  is kiss them, but if anyone sees you they’ll ruin the moment. When those snooping eyes aren’t watching, plant a passionate kiss on your lover. Keep the kiss going for as long as you can, but make sure you stop kissing before someone catches you.

The longer you can kiss the better your score will be. Every time you get caught you will lose a “life” or the game will end. You either need to fill up the kiss meter to pass the level or get as many points as possible within the time limit.

Kissing games are suitable for both guys and girls so choose any of the games above. If you are clever and sneaky enough you should have no trouble winning and you”ll get to practice your kissing skills at the same time.